Pilgrim Place, Claremont, CA

Pilgrim Place is a retirement community in Claremont, CA where we foster an inclusive, vibrant lifestyle for seniors committed to justice, peace, & care of the earth. After many years here, it is easy for me to say, this is a perfect place for my life--

today and tomorrow.


6th Street Gates & Porter HallPilgrim Place, Claremont, CA14 x 11, oil on canvas
My Kitchen Window & Australian Flax2 x 12, oil on canvas, in collection of the artist
The Basement Window, Pitzer North 16 x 12, oil on canvas
The Nursery, at Dean's Garden (formerly Plymouth Garden) 10 x 8, watercolor
One of the joys of living at Pilgrim Place is that residential housing on the campus is quite varied--in Independent Living and Assisted Living. We have free-standing houses (of varying sizes), small cottages, duplexes, apartments (large and smaller.) This diversity of architectural styles creates an interesting landscape throughout our campus with it's winding streets and magnificent, old-growth trees.
The Persimmon Tree639/637 Alden Rd, 14 x 11, oil on canvas
Moonrise Over Pilgrim Place, Alden Road16 x 12, oil on canvas
The Wirt House (1928)590/592 Mayflower, Pilgrim Place (duplex: one up/one down)14 x 11, oil on canvas
The Back Stairs, 590/592 Mayflower Road (upstairs & down), 8 x 10, oil on canvas
Alden Road Cottage10 x 8, oil on canvas
Flowering Eucalyptus Tree12 x 12, oil on canvas
An Elegant Entrance, Mayflower Street Duplex 12 x 12, oil on canvas
Sixth Street Morning, North Gate House 9 x 12, oil on canvas
The Pilgrim Place Castle20 x 16, oil on canvas

Removing the Tall Palms from Old 6th Street

  In 2009 and 2010, Pilgrim Place built two new apartment buildings, one to house administration and and Independent Living residential apartments; another to house Assisted Living residents (1st floor) and Independent residents (2nd floor) apartments. In order to accomplish this some aged-out campus housing was removed ... and part of 6th Street lined with historic palms. I painted these trees several times to honor their well over 80 years of gracing the Pilgrim Place campus.
Ticket Depot, for the Festival Train12 x 16, oil on canvas
Tall Palms, Late Afternoon Sky 16 x 20, oil on canvas
Sunrise,Morning Fog (Final Days) 12 x 36, oil on canvas and is on the wall in the Pilgrim Place library
Winter Sunset at Pilgrim Place Corner, 6th St. & Mayflower Rd.now the location of new Norton Gardens 16 x 12, oil on canvas
Path to a New DayThe 2 large trees and bank of bougainvillea were on land where Friendship Court stands today.12 x 12, oil on canvas
Raising the Walls, Friendship CourtPainting is hung in Friendship Court, east end of lounge area.20 x 16, oil on canvas.
Scrooby Lane, December 23, 200714 x 11, oil on canvas

other scenes from campus ...

6th Street Oaks & Pilgrim Place Gate 12 x 12, oil on canvas
The 62nd Pilgrim Place Festival20 x 16, oil on canvas
The Day After, the 59th Annual Festival, 11/2007A montage of Pilgrim Place festival booths offerings.  20 x 16, oil on canvas in the collection of the artist

Johnson's Pasture, Padua, and The Wilderness Park--each a Claremont Favorite

Johnson's Pasture Dreams11 x 14, oil on canvas,
View from the Grove, Johnson's Pasture24 x 18, oil on canvas
Eucalyptus Grove, Johnson's Pasture 12 x 12, oil on canvas
Afternoon Winter Skies, Johnson's Pasture 20 x 16, oil on canvas
Johnson's Pasture, in Winter Light36 x 24, oil on board
Wilderness Trail, Foothills, Claremont 12 x 9, oil on canvas
Walking Path, Johnson's Pasture28 x 36, oil on canvas
Padua Hills Terrace12 x 12, oil on canvas
Padua Terrace15 x 11, watercolor

In the Neighborhood of Pilgrim Place, Claremont, CA

Windy Day, Harvey Mudd Campus Garden9 x 12, oil on canvas
Corner Shop, Claremont12 x 6, oil on canvas
Sculpture Garden, California Botanical Gardens12 x 12, oil on canvas
Spring at the California Botanical Gardens12 x 12, oil on canvas
First Congregational Church, UCC, Claremont12 x 12, oil on canvas
Forest Cathedral, San Antonio Creek8 x 10, oil on canvas, in collection of artist's family
Home, 995 Harrison14 x 11, oil on canvas, (commission)
The Cabin in the Mountains 9 x 12, oil on canvas
The Yellow House in Morning Sun12 x 9, oil on canvas
Majestic Oak, Eaton Canyon14 x 11, watercolor on paper