Recent Works

This website serves as a memoir documenting my more than 20 years of creating art. When a new piece is created it will be posted here for a time, as well as in its correct gallery.

Three White Roses 36 x 24, oil on canvas
Johnson's Pasture Dreams11 x 14, oil on canvas

Dancing Sarah's Circle

4 x 6, pen & ink

Hollyhock Shadows

7.5 x 9.5 watercolor on paper

see Works for Sale

    You Are My Sunshine 

6.5 x 4.5, watercolor on paper

The Honeycomb Teapot watercolor on paper, 4.5 x 7

Burnt Sienna Summer Flower4 x 4 watercolor on paper
Poppy in Gold 8.5 x 5, watercolor on paper

Golden Freesia 5.5 x 9 watercolor on paper see Works for Sale
View from the Grove, Johnson's Pasture24 x 18, oil on canvas
I've been painting this grove of eucalyptus trees in Johnson's Pasture for about 17 years now. You will find others under "Landscapes" in the Pilgrim Place Gallery.
Calla Lily Sisters6 x 19, watercolor on paper
Carmel Ocean Sunset8 x 10, oil on canvas,See Works for Sale
Playing with Light12 x 12, oil on canvas, see Works for Sale

In the Pink (depression glass)

12 x 12 oil on canvas, see Works for Sale

My Red Plate8 x 10, oil on canvas 
Lost My Marbles 4.5 x 6 watercolor on paper, see Works for Sale
Dried Tulip Whimsy9 x 7, oil on canvas, see 'Works for Sale'
Blueberries for Watercolor Class 5 x 7.5, watercolor, in collection of the artist
Shadow Shapes, White Rose8 x 10, watercolor
Say Their Names (In Remembrance of George Floyd) May, 202014 x 18, oil on canvas, in collection of the artist
My painting, a portrait of George Floyd, is not "recent" but the fact that I painted it the week he was killed two years ago this month, I'm going to post it here. This painting is however new to my website, because the site  has been down for almost three years. It is totally rebuilt and 'open' for viewing ... with just a bit more editing here and there.